Marion & Henry Bloch Religious School

two kids dancing arm in arm

Instilling a Love of Judaism in Every Child

The education of Jewish children in their Jewish heritage is one of the highest priorities of The New Reform Temple. Our founders believed that our temple had an obligation to instill a love of Judaism in every child who was part of the community.

Today, we continue that commitment. Jewish education cannot happen without the commitment of the entire religious community. Thus, we seek to create a partnership which includes students, parents, teachers, and clergy in order to achieve a meaningful educational experience for all our families. Our curriculum encompasses many dimensions of the Jewish experience: the joy of being Jewish; the wisdom of our ancient tradition, the knowledge of Jewish practices that enrich a Jewish life; a commitment to Jewish ethical living, and a love of the Jewish people. As a Reform Jewish congregation, we seek to create an atmosphere where parents and children are able to explore Judaism on their own terms and are empowered to make choices based on knowledge of our tradition.

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