Marion & Henry Bloch Religious School

Instilling a Love of Judaism in Every Child


The Marion and Henry Bloch Religious School is committed to teaching our children a sense of loyalty and devotion to Judaism and the Jewish people. We seek to develop a positive Jewish identity for our children by teaching our students how to live a Jewish life.

The entry into our school begins with our pre-school program, Torah Tots, which meets monthly. It is a hands-on program which includes stories, singing, crafts and learning about the Jewish holidays. Parents are directly involved in this wonderful Jewish experience.

Our formal school begins in kindergarten and continues through the 10th grade. Our 9th and 10th grade Confirmation is the culmination of our education program. Students meet with Rabbi Londy and Tom Barnett to discuss how Judaism helps us to understand current events. A beautiful Confirmation service takes place at the end of the 10th grade.

Our Hebrew Program, Hebrew in Harmony, is a four-year curriculum that uses the power of music to engage students with prayer and prepares students to fully participate in services, wherever they pray.

Becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a sacred milestone in the evolution of a child’s Jewish identity. It is an opportunity for both the parents and the child to deepen their Jewish connection. All aspects of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience are guided by Rabbi Londy.

Our principal, Shelley Hedrick, is an experienced Jewish educator, who has a unique ability to create a welcoming and loving environment for our students and families.

The Marion and Henry Bloch Religious School provides our students with a sense of belonging and community, along with a positive place where their voices matter. Our incredible faculty is passionate about Judaism and inspiring their students. We look forward to creating a rich partnership between our school and our parents.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Shelley Hedrick, Principal, at

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