Lifecycle Support

a hand holding another hand

We are here for you – in joy and in sadness

The New Reform Temple is a caring community. We believe that a congregation’s holiness is rooted in how we care for each other. Our goal is to share together in the joys of life as well as the challenging moments.

We are here to assist our members in all aspects of their Jewish journey through life. People celebrate ritual circumcision at the synagogue. Baby namings for boys and girls are often part of our weekly worship. The congregation is blessed with numerous weddings throughout the year. And of course, the rabbi and congregation support families in times of need. Families of our congregation are encouraged to use our sanctuary as the venue for funerals and memorials services.

Rabbi Londy is a skilled pastoral care counselor. He seeks to support the sick and homebound. He is also available for counseling individuals and families wherever they feel that pastoral support would be helpful.

You should never feel alone, in joy or in sadness. We are here for you – tell us what’s happening in your life.