We are worth what we are willing to share with others.

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

In every generation, Jews have expressed their support of Jewish life through their generosity to synagogues. The synagogue is the most important institution to perpetuate Judaism and to cultivate Jewish identity. Strong synagogues insure the survival of Judaism.

We, Jews, celebrate our joys and endure our challenges by contributing tzedakah. These acts of generosity support the enduring legacy of our people and faith.

From our congregation’s formation, our members have expressed their love of the temple through continuous acts of generosity. This has enabled our small congregation to impact the life of our Jewish community in such a profound way.

How can I show my support?

Legacy Giving
“Tzedakah lengthens one’s days and years.” – Tanna Vevi Eliyahu

Please consider leaving a legacy for future generations by including NRT in your estate planning. Interested in making a legacy gift? Please email ( or call (816-523-7809) us – we’d love to speak with you.