Statement of Principles

The New Reform Temple is a congregation that practices Reform Judaism, emphasizing ethical behavior over ritual practices. We cherish the personal atmosphere, which is inherent to our size. Therefore, we like to manage our growth so we can maintain our warm and welcoming character and the close interaction with our fellow congregants and our leaders.

One of our cornerstones is the acknowledgment that every person has the right to make informed choices about his or her relationship to religious beliefs, practices and participation. To support making informed choices, we offer ongoing education, courses and events touching every aspect of modern Judaism as a religion, a culture and a community.

We aim to make everyone feel comfortable at our services and events, including those who enter a Jewish house of worship for the very first time. We observe those rituals of Judaism that represent our ethical ideals, add beauty to our lives and give meaning to our religious and spiritual experience.

A major part of that experience is our conviction that Judaism should not be practiced in isolation. We understand social and civic responsibilities to be religious obligations, thus we are deeply committed to our local, national and world community. As an integrated part of the world around us, we value and celebrate the social dynamics of modern Jewish life. We are an all inclusive congregation that welcomes individuals, couples and families who subscribe to our values and want to raise children in a Jewish way, regardless of race, creed or choice of partner.