Krasne Scholar-in-Residence

Esther Krasne
Esther Krasne

Our Krasne Scholar-In-Residence Program invites speakers from a wide range of interests and abilities to appeal to members in various ways. The program sheds light on important modern Jewish issues through formal and informal presentations of intellectual and educational value.

History of the Program

Following in a long tradition of community giving, the Krasne Scholar-in-Residence Program was started by Esther L. Krasne to honor her husband, H.W. Krasne, at The New Reform Temple in the early 1980s. Together with her daughters, Esther had always expressed an interest in the literary and religious enrichment at the Temple.

Rabbi Kevin Hale
2017 Krasne Scholar-in-Residence: Rabbi Kevin Hale a certified scribe and an expert in Holocaust Torah scrolls.

About the Program

Through the Krasne Scholar-In-Residence Program, The New Reform Temple invites individuals of demonstrated achievement, scholarship or expertise to share their knowledge with our community. The Krasne Scholar-in-Residence engages with The New Reform Temple congregation through services, seminars, panels, group discussions, classes at the Religious School, and other activities.