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The education of Jewish children in their Jewish heritage is one of the highest priorities of The New Reform Temple. Our founders believed that our temple had an obligation to instill a love of Judaism in every child who was part of the community.

Today, we continue that commitment. Jewish education cannot happen without the commitment of the entire religious community. Thus, we seek to create a partnership which includes students, parents, teachers, and clergy in order to achieve a meaningful educational experience for all our families. Our curriculum encompasses many dimensions of the Jewish experience: the joy of being Jewish; the wisdom of our ancient tradition, the knowledge of Jewish practices that enrich a Jewish life; a commitment to Jewish ethical living, and a love of the Jewish people. As a Reform Jewish congregation, we seek to create an atmosphere where parents and children are able to explore Judaism on their own terms and are empowered to make choices based on knowledge of our tradition.

We are so excited to “see” you, on Sunday, September 13, at 9:30am, at The Marion and Henry Bloch Religious School! We will have a virtual “meet and greet,” via zoom, where you will be able to meet our teachers and learn a little bit about them! This will be followed by a family t’fillah (prayer service) and end with high energy and fun music! A zoom link will be sent to you a few days before. The safety and well-being of our families is very important to us. We will start the year out, via zoom, and will keep you updated on when it is safe, to return to school, in person.

We have dedicated, caring and loving teachers, who are committed to providing a memorable Jewish learning experience for our students, which will help them develop a strong sense of Jewish identity.

Our Religious School program includes the following:

-A new Judaic curriculum.

-A new Hebrew program, Hebrew in Harmony, for students in grades 3-6.

-Sunday morning family t’fillah (prayer service), with singing.

-Mitzvah opportunities.

-Community building.

-Holiday programs.

Our new Zoom Administrator is Molly Hess. Molly will soon be sending our families an introductory letter, with explicit instructions on using zoom, during this time of virtual learning. She will also send zoom link reminders, to families, each Thursday. Our Sunday mornings will begin at 9:30am, with our family t’fillah (prayer service). At 9:45am, our students will go to their “break-out classrooms,” which will be managed by Molly. Brendan Howard, our music specialist, will join each classroom, on Sundays, where Jewish songs and music will be part of their morning. We are anticipating that Religious School will end around 10:40am. Teachers will send an e-mail by Wednesday, if there are any discussion questions that will be talked about, or supplies, needed for class.

Please make sure your student registration forms are in. If you need another form, you can contact the Temple office, at 816-523-7809 or download it . All students, in Torah Tots through Confirmation, need to have their forms filled out prior to class beginning. A registration form can be found here: 2020-21 Registration Form. Our parent handbook can be found here: 2020-21 Parent Handbook and our school calendar can be found here:  2020-21 Religious School calendar.

Curriculum Goals

The goal of our religious school is to develop within our students a sense of loyalty and commitment to Judaism and the Jewish people.  We believe in both formal and informal modalities of Jewish learning.  Our curriculum is dynamic.  As the world changes, we change.  Here is a snapshot of what our curriculum goals are for the coming year.

 Kindergarten/Grade 1: 

  • Experience the joy of the Jewish holidays.
  • Explore the building blocks of Jewish life with an introduction to mitzvot, Torah, our Synagogue and Jewish symbols.

2nd/3rd Grade:

  • Begin to recognize the Hebrew letters and what they sound like.
  • Learn the story of each holiday and understand the basic vocabulary, rituals, symbols and traditions associated with each holiday.
  • Teaching basic Jewish values: tzedakah (giving), chesed ( righteousness), tzibbur (community), limud (study) and yisrael (connection to Jewish all over the world )
  • Selected Lessons from the Torah.

4th /5th Grade:

  • How to be a Mensch: What Judaism teaches about being a good person
  • Jewish Superheroes: Prophets, Rabbis and Heroes: What we can learn from the great Jewish personalities of our past.

6th/7th/ 8th Grade:   A three-year Cycle

  • Jews and Civil Rights
  • What happened during the Holocaust and Why it matters?
  • How Judaism Relates to Other Religions

9th/10th grade (Confirmation):

  • Current Events through a Jewish Lens

Hebrew Program

We are excited to share, with you, that The Marion & Henry Bloch Religious School, will be offering an optional Hebrew program to our students in grades 3-6, beginning in September,2020.  Our Hebrew Coordinator will be Brendan Howard.  Brendan brings a wealth of knowledge in teaching Hebrew, prayers, music and loves our NRT students and parents!

Learning Hebrew prepares students to fully participate in Jewish life by connecting them to prayers and being able to take part in Jewish life wherever they pray.  The curriculum that we felt would meet our expectations and challenge our students is Hebrew In Harmony.  This is a four year curriculum, beginning in 3rd grade, that uses the power of music to engage students with prayer.  The first year will focus on learning the Hebrew letters, vowels, along with the pronunciation of two and three letter syllables.  In year two, three and four, the focus will be learning different prayers, chosen from individual  modules.  These dynamic multi-media lessons can be built around singing, drama, art and more.

This Hebrew program will lay the foundation for our students who seek to become a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, at The New Reform Temple.  Our families will meet with Rabbi Londy to determine the date and when tutoring will begin. Tutoring should begin no later than 18 months prior to the ceremony. The tutor will be selected by Rabbi Londy.  It is expected that each student would continue in the Hebrew program through 6th grade.

Hebrew In Harmony will be based on one-to-one tutorials each week, held on Zoom, and will be taught by Brendan Howard, our Hebrew Coordinator.  Schedules will be determined by Brendan and parent(s).