Adult Jewish Learning

Torah Study

Adult Education at The New Reform Temple

Adult education is part of lifelong pursuit of Jewish knowledge and understanding. We make programs and activities available for our adult members on a regular basis. Here are a few examples:

Krasne Scholar-in-Residence Program
Our Krasne Scholar-in-Residence Program program invites speakers from a wide range of interests and abilities to appeal to members in various ways. Read more.

Bagels and Torah
Rabbi Londy leads Bagels and Torah, a study discussion on the weekly Torah portion. The discussions center on the psychological and moral insights that can be gleaned from the Book of Genesis. No prior experience in Torah study is necessary.

Reform Judaism: What We Believe and What We Do
Based on popular demand, Rabbi Londy has created this course to enlighten our congregation on what it means to be a Reform Jew in 2018.

To be a Jew is to never stop asking questions. The course will try to answer some of them. What are the ideas, principles and values that Reform Judaism teaches? What Jewish practices does Reform Judaism require? What does Reform Judaism teach about God, death, afterlife, and immortality? How does Reform Judaism help us confront the moral choices that we must make in our world today? What are the differences that exist among Reform Jews?

The course is held every Tuesday morning from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. The course is discussion-oriented and reading assignments will be provided prior to class so that people will be ready to discuss the material. Please check with the Temple office to let us know if you plan on attending this event by calling 816-523-7809.